Tuesday, September 21, 2004

It's rainy

There seems to be no's lyrics database that Google knows of.

Whence and whither away

One remaining piece of the CBS Bush Memos story puzzles me.

What are the origins of the documents? There are three possibilities I can think of: i) the memos were designed to damage Bush; ii) they were designed to help Bush; iii) they were done for money by someone who didn't care about the consequences.

It seems to me that none of those possibilities makes sense in combination with two facts about the memos: (a) they were merely repeating and emphasising what was already pretty well certain, and (b) they could easily have been forged so as not to raise suspicion (e.g. by using a 1970s typewriter, by using the right TANG jargon from other documents in the public domain).

If one went to the trouble of forging memoranda to damage Bush... why not include something juicy? Thus i) and a) seem to conflict pretty obviously.

Similarly, suppose the memos are a piece of infernal Rovian brilliance; wouldn't they include scandalous and easily disproved claims that would make the memos look more like dirty politics? Thus ii) and a) also seem implausible together.

Finally, suppose the memos were forged for profit by some scam merchant. In that case, one might expect they would be forged more professionally; that is, they would be in the same typeface and use the same jargon as the memos already made public. Thus iii) and b) seem to be in conflict.

I don't have any answers to this, but I haven't seen any convincing answers elsewhere. Thus I think that what we have seen is not the whole story; but what the rest of the story is I can't imagine.

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